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This section of the Site has been created for you, all the members of who want to exchange views, ideas, information about the shipping industry and not only.

All views expressed in the Forum through Posts, are personal and do not necessarily represent the site, which cannot be responsible for them. Even if Administrators and Moderators of the site will try to keep the level of the conversation to a decent level, it is practically impossible to control all the posts for their objectiveness and integrity.

In order to participate in any conversation, you are kindly requested to follow the simple but mandatory rules that have been set, for the proper function of this site section.


1. Abusive language and any type of swearing are prohibited. Such messages will be deleted immediately.

2. All conversations should be relative to the subject discussed and placed in the correct Forum Category. The Search Engine will help you find subjects that have already been discussed in order not to post replies in the wrong categories. Please read the messages posted in each category before you post a reply, with a view to understanding what is included in each Category.

3. Administrators and Moderators have the right to move, edit, delete or lock any Thread or Post for whatever reason seems necessary.

4. This Forum cannot be used for any illegal activity, including impingement of rights concerning reproduction and copyright.

5. For your own safety, please do not publicize personal/sensitive information about you or anybody else. The internet is of course, not a safe place for such information.

6. The members accept not to Post information which could logically be interpreted as false, or slanderous for people, companies, governmental or other organizations, products or services.

7. Advertising products, services or conducting any kind of commercial activity in the Forum is prohibited. For more information, please contact the site Administrator.

People who believe that Forums are identical to an ideal democracy will be disappointed. Even democracy must have some ground rules and ways of enforcing them, otherwise it could not exist.

Of course there are some ‘good behaviour’ rules, the so-called netiquette, which have to be followed for the pleasant and productive use of the system.

All aboard! Have a pleasant journey in the fascinating world of Shipping.