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    Dear Mr Burkett

    In addition to what you read on I need to add the following:
    1. In 1947, Valena was bought by J. Livanos of the Livanos family from the Admirality. She was cleaned and repaired and was transferred to Barbados. At that time she belonged to Pontos Compañia de Navegacion of Panama.

    2. In 1948, Valena/Dolaura was one of the ships participating in the movie Christopher Columbus (1949) See
    3. She was brought to Greece in October 1948 and appears for the first time in passenger ship schedules in November 1948. Her first trip was Piraeus- Chalkis-Aedipsos-Volos, a well known line between the Greek coast and the peninsula of Euvoia. A few other schedules survive.

    She was scrapped in La Spezia, Italy in August 1951

    I hope this helps

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