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: [Reka, Aphroditi, Alexandria, Virginia, Tunisien]

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    [Reka, Aphroditi, Alexandria, Virginia, Tunisien]

    Eustratios Kavounides was a ship that acted both as cargo and passenger ship with about 8 years in the Greek waters...

    She was built at Lloyd Austriaco in Trieste in 1883 and had the name Reka. She had 1,084 tons, a length of 69.3 m and a width of 9.3 m.

    It is interesting to read about Lloyd Austriaco

    Lloyd Austriaco / Austrian Lloyd Started steamship operations in 1836 based at Trieste, which was then under Austrian rule. Initially traded to the Adriatic and later extended to the rest of the Mediterranean, India and the Far East. The company name changed in 1872 to Austrian Hungarian Lloyd (Lloyd Austro-Ungarico) but reverted to Austrian Lloyd in 1891. In 1881 the company company started services to New York, Brazil and the River Plate, but only made one New York voyage, which was not a financial success. Sailings to South America continued until 1885 when the service was withdrawn. Other routes flourished and by 1886 the company owned 86 ships. Services were suspended during the Great War and the company was re-established as Lloyd Triestino under the Italian flag in 1919. Austrian Lloyd was reconstituted in 1978 as a cargo company.
    She passed through many owners before arriving in Greece as as Eustratios Kavounides for Philippos Kavounides in 1922. Miramar gives a summary. No reason to repeat it.

    IDNo: 5608475 Year: 1883
    Name: REKA Keel: 5.83
    Type: Cargo ship Launch Date: 10.83
    Flag: AUH Date of completion: 12.83
    Tons: 1084 Link: 2008
    DWT: 1344 Yard No: 37
    Length overall: Ship Design:
    LPP: 69.3 Country of build:
    Beam: 9.3 Builder: Lloyd Austriaco
    Material of build: I Location of yard: Trieste
    Disposal Data: BU Turkey 3q.35
    Name Tons Change Registered Owner
    REKA 1084 1883 Lloyd Austriaco
    APHRODITI 1065 1895 Paquebots Postes
    ALEXANDRIA 1065 1903 Paquebots Postes
    VIRGINIA 1065 1909 Arch. American
    TUNISIEN 1065 1915 French Navy FRA
    VICTOIRE 1065 1916 H.G.Stephan
    EUSTRATIOS KAVOUNIDES 1065 1922 P.Kavounides
    RUSTEMIYE 1065 1930 Rustem
    Let me also bring here interesting comments from an important site


    TUNISIEN – Cargo de 1084 t, mis Γ* flot sous le nom de Reka, en Octobre 1883 Γ* Trieste, par la Lloyd Austriaco, pour le compte de lΆAustrian Lloyd. Au grΓ© de ses cessions, ce bΓΆtiment sera successivement renommΓ© :

    Aphroditi en 1895 (Paquebots Postes) ;
    Alexandria en 1903 (Paquebots Postes) ;
    Virginia en 1909 (Arch. American) ;
    Tunisien en 1915 (Marine française) ;
    Victoire en 1916 (H. G. Stephan) ;
    Eustratios Cavounides en 1922 (P. Cavounides) ;
    Rustemiye en 1930 (Rustem).

    Puis il sera dΓ©moli en Turquie, en 1935.

    RelevΓ© par Franck dans lΆouvrage du Commandant de vaisseau A. Thomazi: « La Guerre navale dans la MΓ©diterranΓ©e », prΓ©face du vice-amiral Dumesnil, Payot, 1929 :

    « Quelques vapeurs appartenant Γ* des sujets ennemis, ou se livrant Γ* un trafic illicite sous pavillon neutre, sont saisis et armΓ©s avec des Γ©quipages de prise : le Persepolis battant pavillon persan, l'Indiana et le Virginia qui portaient sans droit les couleurs amΓ©ricaines, sont inscrits sur les listes de la flotte sous les noms de Ninive, Indien et Tunisien. Mais ils ne demeurent pas dans la troisiΓ¨me escadre, et sont affectΓ©s, dΓ¨s leur armement, Γ* la deuxiΓ¨me escadre lΓ©gΓ¨re ou Γ* la base de Lemnos. »

    En 1917, le bΓΆtiment Γ©tait dΓ©nommΓ© Victoire et non plus Tunisien ; par surcroΓ®t, il Γ©tait en possession de lΆarmement H. G. Stephan et non plus de la Marine franΓ§aise.


    Dans le SR de 1883 :
    REKA (steel) AT 1C
    1,065 Lloyd Austro-Ungarico, Trieste 221.9 x 31.5
    C Arsenale di Lloyd Austro-Ungarico, Trieste (10) #36
    92 - Lloyd Austriaco, Trieste
    95 - APHRODITI Paquebots Postes l'Archipel (Haci Davut Farkuni Vapurlari), Izmir TU
    03 - ALEXANDRIA s/o
    09 - VIRGINIA Archipelago American SS. Co. (G. Farkouh), Smyrna US
    Intercepted by French cruiser JEANNE DΆARC, 7 July 1915 in 36N-29.45E, voy. Piraeus - Mersin, requisitioned
    9/15 - TUNISIEN French Navy – despatch vessel FR
    Ordered returned to owners by French Prize Court, May 1916
    7/16 - VICTOIRE H. G. Stephan, Marseille FR
    10/16 - in custody of French Consul at Port Said, handed 7/17 to L. Savon Bros., Port Said as agents for Archipelago-American SS. Co.
    Arrested 30 Oct 1917 at Marseille and laid up
    19 - French Government – Commissariat aux Transports Maritimes, Marseille
    22 - EFSTRATIOS CAVOUNIDES Ph. Cavounides, Piraeus GR
    30 - RUSTEMΔ°YE Ingliz HΓΌseyin RΓΌstem, Istanbul TU
    Broken up 3rd quarter 1935

    Eustratios Kavounides was the ship Virginia of the Archipelago American SS. Co. of G. Farkouh!

    Also Alexandria of the Archipelago American SS. Co. of G. Farkouh! The Ottoman shipping company Hadji Daoud Farkouh had also Greek interests. The Hadji Daoud Farkouh Shipping Co, otherwise known as Aktoploia Archipelagou had a very wide range of routes across the Aegean. For example, in Rudolf Fitzner's Kleinasien und Syrien (Volckmann, Rostock, 1904), the following routes are given:


    Just before the end of the Ottoman empire, members of the Farkouh family transferred most of the shipping company to the US flag (see also http://hadjidaoud.blogspot.com/2008/...elsewhere.html)

    In the The New York Times, 14 February 1915 it is stated:

    Advices received here today from Constantinople say that the Turkish government will protest against the sinking by the Russians of the steamship Washington while sailing under the American flag. The vessel is reported to have been sunk on Feb. 8 while engaged in carrying Red Cross supplies between Constantinople and Trebizond.The Washington was owned by the Archipelago-American Steamship Company, which controls a fleet of boats named after American States and playing between American ports. The steamship Texas, which struck a mine and sank in the Gulf of Smyrna in May 1912, at the time of the Turkish-Italian war, belonged to this line.The Archipelago-American Steamship Company is owned in large parts by naturalized Greeks, and is chartered under the Maine laws, though no American registry has been granted to its vessels. At the time of an anti-Greek boycott directed against the ships of this company some years ago, however, the line was authorized to fly the American flag by the American Consul at Smyrna because the company was largely controlled by American interests.
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    Here is an ad for Alexandria on September 1, 1904. Teh ship was going to Crete and Alexandria.

    19040901 Alexandria.jpg

    A characteristic of the ads of this particular shipping company was that they were always announcing the name of the (Greek) captain of the ship. I guess this was their way to indicate to the Greek public that this was a company of Greek interests

    News and ads of Eustratios Kavounides from 1922 and 1924

    19221102 Eustr Kav.jpg

    19241124 Eustratios Kavounides.jpg19241202 Eustratios KAvounides.jpg
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    RUSTEMIYE , "Turk Armatorleri Tarihi"

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